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Types Of Fireplace

Fires are no longer the only source of heating in homes, and consequently fireplaces took a backseat for many years as a desired feature in the home. In the past five years though the fireplace has re-established itself as a must-have in most people’s living rooms, and now there are many different types of fireplaces to suit every style of home.

Here we give you the low down on the different types of fireplaces to choose from, and we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of fireplaces available in the UK today. And don’t worry if you’re spoilt for choice – fireplaces no longer need to be forever. These days you can change your fireplace whenever you decorate your home and you’ll find that a new fireplace provides a dramatic facelift to the room.

Wood fireplaces

Wood fireplace still dominate the fireplace market with more people choosing wood designs for their fireplaces than any other type of fireplace. The choice in wood fireplaces is broad, with veneered MDF (medium density fibreboard) at the cheaper end of the scale and pine, yew, maple, rosewood and mahogany being more expensive options.

These solid wood designs are generally available in two types. The first type is a base wood, such as the low cost American walnut that is stained to replicate other types of wood like rosewood and yew. The second type is to have the fireplace made from the wood of your choice. This option is obviously the more expensive of the two.

Stone fireplaces

Quickly regaining popularity, stone fireplaces are now available on a reasonable budget and offer a natural and traditional style of fireplace. Natural stone fireplaces, such as limestone fireplaces, are now less expensive than they were five to 10 years ago. Of course some types of stone, like sandstone, is more expensive and would perhaps suit an imposing house best.

There are a number of fireplace companies in the UK that now offer fireplaces with a stone finish on plaster or resin-based materials. These offer a much lighter material than solid stone and are likely to be cheaper.

Marble fireplaces

One of the original fireplace materials, marble experienced a slump in popularity during the late Victorian era when it became too expensive and it is only in the past decade it has seen an increase in its popularity.

Still regarded as a choice for middle and upper market fireplaces, marble is fairly expensive. But with a wide choice of marble colours, a wonderful smoothness and natural veining, a marble fireplace has a look that no manmade material can replicate.

Brick fireplaces

Offering a rugged alternative to the wooden mantel and marble hearth, a brick fireplace is also experiencing a sudden growth in its popularity. There is a huge choice of brick colours, such as mellow old stocks to vibrant red, which help to ensure each fireplace is unique. Brick fireplaces must be built on site and you will almost certainly have to redecorate the wall onto which the fireplace is mounted. As well as a choice of colours, there is also a range of brick styles to choose from, including mini bricks and Herringbone bricks.

Cast Iron fireplaces

Originally popular in the late Victorian era, cast iron back panel fireplace are making a comeback in the modern day living room. Although the majority of cast iron panels are installed into marble or wood mantelpieces there is now a growing market for complete cast iron fireplaces. These types of fireplaces often hold a flower or candle arrangement rather than a fire but they can really finish off a traditionally styled living room or bedroom.

Antique Fireplaces

There are a number of specialist fireplace companies that can provide original period pieces for those of you who want an authentic antique fireplace. With a range of Victorian fireplaces, Edwardian fireplaces, and others to choose from, you can get the traditional fireplace you’re looking for.
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