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Fireplace Accessories

When you have a fire and fireplace fitted you’ll find there is a wide range of fireplace accessories to choose from to help make your fireplace complete. Here we give you the low down on the different types of fireplace accessories available in the UK today whether you buy online or from a fireplace showroom.

If you have a mantelpiece then make sure to add a few finishing touches like photo frames, ornaments, or vases. To add a little extra at the side of the fireplace you could buy a basket of dried flowers, a coal bucket, a fire basket, a candleholder, a fireplace shovel, or logs and a grate.

In addition to all this you might want to buy a decorative screen to hide the fire behind in the summer months when it is not being used, or you might need a protective fireguard to keep children and pets safe from harm.

Other fireplace accessories that could prove essential once your fire is installed and ready to use include matches, fuel, chimney brush, electric firelighter, soot doors and chimney balloons to prevent chimney draughts.
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